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Services We Offer

Preventative Health/Wellness Exams

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Contraception Management (Birth Control)

We are able to counsel teens & young women & adults on the various methods of birth control including Birth Control pills, patches, rings, The Shot (Depo-Provera), The Rod (Nexplanon), Intrauterine Devices (IUD's) & Fem Cups, Diaphragms & Condoms. Our goal is to work with you to identify which method is best based on your own personal needs. In addition, Shannon Rice, ARNP can place IUD's in a simple, in-office procedure using a cervical block to eliminate minor discomfort that occurs with insertion. At this time she in only placing Mirena and Skyla IUD's. The Mirena can prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years and can be inserted regardless of whether a women has been pregnant or not. To learn more visit The Skyla is the smallest IUD & can prevent pregnancy for up to 3 years. Learn more at

Acute Care/Same Day Appointments

We can usually see acute medical problems within 24 hours although it might not be with your regular provider. Our healthcare team will make sure you are well taken care of and your needs addressed.

Ongoing Management of Chronic Illnesses

This includes continued monitoring, evaluation and treatment of long-term health problems such as asthma, COPD, diabetes and heart failure.

Minor Office Procedures

Casting, splinting, suturing, wart and mole removal and steroid injections.


Dr. Huiras and Dr. Warner can perform this simple in-office procedure. It takes approximately 30 minutes and requires the use of a local anesthetic.


*AFMC providers no longer complete DOT physicals.